Gustaf Nordenskiöld, Norröver: plats 2. with Stene projects at Market Art Fair 2019

Gran i Kaltiomaa, visades tillsammans med Residence in natures projekt Mammas hus i Lainio som en del av Luleå biennalen på Norrbottensmuseum och på Mattisgården i Lainio. 2018-2019.



Site no. 16 Inked at Haninge Konsthall Sweden 17 june – 9 sept 2017

Site no. 16 Finds at Galerie NeC in Paris. April 20 – May 27 2017.

Site no. 16 Trail at Stene Projects, 8 dec 2016 -14 jan 2017


Galerie NeC in Paris, France 2013.

Gustaf Nordenskiöld shows in the exhibition Trophées a collection of ambivalent and newly manufactured archaeological objects with unclear origin. They convey traces from a forgotten civilization with other ideals. An exploration of unfamiliar places and cultures are in the work mixed together with his own experiences. There is a physical presence through method, a primitive and refined power transfer to clay, where traces of the process will be important in the finished objects. The works show the influence of gravity and the embodiment of objects and matter. A journey of discovery among tusks, tools, shields, chains, bows and bones. Fetishes in stained porcelain, stoneware and leather. A collection of trophies as objects of worship and conquest.

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Art mood

Stene projects Stockholm 2013-01-24


25–27 Januari
Plan 3, Mäster Samuelsgatan/Norrlandsgatan

Öppning 24 Januari 18–21
Öppettider: Fredag 10–20 Lördag 10–18 Söndag 11–18

Peter Bergman, Björkholmen Gallery, Galleri Flach, Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Galleri Kleerup, Galerie Nordenhake, Tovar Ressle, Stene Projects, Galleri Anna Thulin

Smart/ process, design, objects Nordic culture point Helsinki, Finland 2012-10-04

Gustaf Nordenskiöld, Treasures Galerie NeC Hong Kong, Chine 2012-08-23

Groupshow galerie NeC Paris, France 2012-06-16

Stene projects Market Stockholm 2012-02-16

Skattebondens Skatter, artistic commision Botkyrka Kommun Alby, Sweden 2012-01-05

Group Show Galerie NeC Paris, France 2011-12-03

Gustaf Nordenskiöld – Beardrops Stene Projects Stockholm, Sweden 2011-09-29

Stene Projects Art Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark 2011-09-16

Gustaf Nordenskiöld – Catwalk Konsthuset Uppsala konsthall Uppsala 2011-09-02

GroupShow/Céramiques: Wouter DAM, Steen IPSEN, Mårten MEDBO, Gustaf NORDENSKIÖLD, Nadia PASQUER, Grégoire SCALABRE Galerie NeC Paris, France 2011-06-18

100 år efter Rackstadkolonin Rackstad museet Arvika 2011-05-07

- GRABBAR, GRABBAR EN I TAGET. Hans Isaksson och Gustaf Nordenskiöld Galleri No 11 Stockholm, Sweden 2011-03-25

XL Roger Björkholmen gallery Stockholm 2011-02-24

Stene Projects Market Artfair Stockholm, Sweden 2011-02-18

Quake mug release Design House Stockholm Stockholm 2011-02-10

Vincent Leroy and Gustaf Nordenskiöld Galerie NeC Paris, France 2011-01-20

Biannual Book AW 2010. The documentary and a dream. J Lindeberg 2010-09-30

Voices, contemporary ceramic art from Sweden The Slidell Cultural Center Louisiana, USA 2010-11-19

Artist in residence Guldagergaard Skaelskor, Denmark 2010-10-11

Voices, contemporary ceramic art from Sweden Hillstrom Museum of Art Minnesota, USA 2010-09-13

Kopp Kaolin Stockholm, Sweden 2010-08-28

Nordic Relations Award Guldagergaard Denmark 2010-07-05

Gustaf Nordenskiöld “Top-Spin”" Galleri Nivå 125 Båstad, Sweden 2010-07-15″

Gränslöst Tomarps kungsgård Tomarp 2010-06-12

Merikipe, Sweden-Georgia Gustavsbergs porslinsmuseum Gustavsberg 2010-05-22

Svenska institutet, Merikipe, The perception of a country, Georgia-Sweden Blås och Knåda Stockholm, Sweden 2010-04-17

Been there, done that.- seminar, international residency. Iaspis och Konsthantverkarna Stockholm 2010-03-06

Voices: Contemporary ceramic art from Sweden Ithaca, Handwerker Gallery Ithaca, New York, USA 2010-03-04

Been there, done that. Åsa Lockner, Mårten Medbo, Gustaf Nordenskiöld och David Taylor Konsthantverkarna Stockholm 2010-02-27

Finding Neverland, ”Lost in creative translation or finding the alternative red threads.” seminar Konstfack, department of industial design Stockholm 2010-01-07

Home is where the heart is, on the bus. Per Fhager och Gustaf Nordenskiöld Stene Projects Stockholm 2009-12-04

Hit my eye, Gustavsbergs konsthall Gustavsberg, Sweden 2009-05-30

Gustaf Nordenskiöld, Diggy diggy Gustavsbergs konsthall Gustavsberg, Sweden 2008-10-11

Gustafsweden webshop release Ateljé Ögruppen Stockholm 2009-11-21

Frostworks -20C Åsa Jungnelius och Gustaf Nordenskiöld Kosta utställningshall Kosta, Sweden 2009-11-07

The perception of a country- workshop Swedish institute/ Clay office Tiblisi, Georgia 2009-10-19

Voices: contemporary ceramic art from Sweden The Trout Gallery at Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA, USA 2009-09-04

Figurin Blås och knåda Stockholm, Sweden 2009-08-22

Artist in residence ekwc, European ceramic workcenter Den Bosch, The Netherlands 2008-12-08

Galleri Inger Molin/Swedish Institute, Voices, contemporary ceramic art in Sweden Design museum Gent Gent Belgium 2008-05-16

Clara Scremini gallery Design Art London United kingdom 2007-10-11

Konsthantverk och design, 2000tal, R.p.m(grey no1) Nationalmuseum Stockholm, Sweden 2009-03-14

Voices: contemporary ceramic art from Sweden Dubuque Museum of Art Iowa, Usa 2009-06-16

Sakernas tillstånd, bilden av ett hem Kulturhuset Stockholm, Sweden 2009-06-04

Final presentation, Beardrops ekwc, European ceramic workcenter Den Bosch, The Netherlands 2009-03-10

Voices: Contemporary ceramic art from sweden Yellowstone art museum Montana, United States 2009-03-12

yearbook 07-08, Scandinavian clay a new order, Gustaf Nordenskiöld Clay in art international Athens, Greece 2008-06-20

Galleri Inger Molin/Swedish Institute, Voices, contemporary ceramic art in Sweden House of sweden Washington, USA 2008-09-25

Quality Outlet, Gustaf Nordenskiöld, a retrospective sellout Research & Development Stockholm, Sweden 2008-05-08

Konstmässan Crystal Palace Stockholm 2008-03-13

Stockholm ateliers, book shufunotomosha Japan 2007-11-01

Swedentide, Happy destination, guidebook kodansha mook Japan 2007-11-20

PRESENT 2007 Bomuldsfabriken Arendal, Norway 2007-02-02

expo Gustavsbergs konsthall Gustavsberg, Sweden 2007-06-02

14e Biennale Internationale de céramique Contemporaine de Châteauroux, Voices, contemporary ceramic art in Sweden. Châteauroux, France. 2007-06-08

Galleri Inger Molin/Swedish Institute Voices, contemporary ceramic art in Sweden. Centre culturel suedois Paris, France 2007-02-01

Smash hit! Svensk Form Stockholm 2006-11-09

Research and development and Gustaf Nordenskiöld, Swedish radical design. Toi design gallery Osaka Japan 2005-11-15

Swedish Style Tokyo, Swedish conceptual design Tokyo Japan 2005-10-13

My world New crafts Experimentadesign 2005 Crispy, Lisboa, Portugal 2005-04-23

Voices, contemporary ceramic art in Sweden Galleri Inger Molin/Swedish Institute Selb, Hamburg, Germany 2006-09-14