notu 36x34x31 web

Notu extruded coloured porcelain and climbingrope, 2013


Näta extruded coloured porcelain and climbingrope. 2005


Bark  extruded coloured porcelain and climbingrope. 2005


Kärn extruded coloured porcelain and climbingrope. 2005


Hårfagre  extruded stoneware and climbingrope. Purchased by the Swedish National museum. 2002

snåra 56x55x31 web

Snåra Basket, extruded stoneware and climbingrope. 2005


Grena  extruded coloured porcelain and climbingrope. 2005


Håla extruded coloured porcelain and climbingrope. 2005

bete 41x38x26 web

Bete, porcelain and leather rope, 2013.

knote 37x41x32 web

Knote, porcelain and climbing rope, 2012

Mure 50x40x30 web

Mure, coloured porcelain and climbing rope. 2010. Included in the permanent collection of ASU Art Museum, Arizona, Usa.


The sculptures in the Hedenhös series is based on the question: what can be done using a few sticks, a string and a specific method?
Extruded claycoils are bent randomly and provided with holes at regular intervals. They are joined together with the help of a climbingrope, this is like a three-dimensional puzzle, where the premises is that the rope is threaded through all the holes in making the sculpture. The method in itself makes it impossible to plan the outcome completely, much is left to chance. I am using the method as a artistic expression, leaving traces of the process in the finished object, as a memory of its making. A sort of primitive extraordinary clutter and chaos.


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