R.p.m (bone)

A sculpture and candlestick that rotates in silence.

The pieces in the R.p.m series are hand-thrown and turned with specific tools to create the discs and the fragile frill formations. This object has a distinct function as a candleholder. Important is to capture the power from the rotation, the ongoing movement, and transform it into the objects. Traces from the process are left to show the history of the making. The method is used as an artistic expression. Primitive and extraordinary at the same time. This unique object is made of unglazed bone coloured porcelain. Fired to 1280°C. “Gustaf Nordenskiöld Sweden Unique” logo stamp at the bottom. Handmade in Stockholm, Sweden.

Objects from the R.p.m series are represented at Nationalmuseum, Malmö Art Museum and Magnelli, Musée de la céramique, Vallauris, France.

Size: 14 x 22.5 cm

Weight: 2120 gr

Price: €1500 +shipping

foto-2021-10-20-14-35-46 foto-2021-10-20-14-21-51 foto-2021-10-20-14-23-32