Installation view


Plank, R.p.m Shelf in stoneware, mdf and climbingrope, Candlestick in porcelain. 2003


Mur Moveable vessel, porcelain and elasticribbons. 2003


Instalation view


Installation view

Still life in mobile homes

Akershus kunstnercenter, Lilleström Norway. 2003

The exhibition “Still life in mobile home” at Akershus kunstnercenter, shows a collection of objects and furniture presented as still life in a mobile home. Often, objects are flexible, soft and moving even though they are made of ceramic and wood. This is accomplished through the use of textile techniques but in ceramic materials. And in the combination of ceramic and textile rope. Gustaf Nordenskiöld strive to present material and how it is processed by machinery and tools. But also touches on questions about the boundary between craft and industrial production and people’s relationship to everyday objects and the things that surround us.

still-life still-life-plank still-life-mur still-life-installation2 still-life-installation