In the studio in the making 2012. Photo: Johannes Molin


In the studio in the making 2012. Photo: Johannes Molin


In the studio in the making 2012. Photo: Johannes Molin


In the studio in the making 2012. Photo: Johannes Molin

The Hook

When dissecting the lines between functionality and theinterface between man and object, one can easily feel overwhelmed. Lineage, natural forces, practical restraints and aestheticsall need to correlate in order to enhance user agility.

Mr. NORDENSKIÖLD, an artist and curator turned designer, envisaged a simple clean device to enable us to place and allow garments to sway gently; THE HOOK. Together with Mr. SIMONSSON of THE WHITE BRIEFS, he set off to craft an organic yet minimally designed porcelain device, alluding to a smooth and limitless interface between dressers, timeless moments and garments. In his quiet Stockholm studio, Mr. NORDENSKIÖLD developed extruded clay-rolls, who are perforated and finally subjected to a fire heated to a 1280 degrees centigrade. Henceforth, the matter is meticulously forged into useful hooks, all reminiscent yet subtly different, due to the variations in angle and pressure applied. This primitive, yet wholly artisanal method shows the love both Mr. SIMONSSON and Mr. NORDENSKIÖLD share for artistic values and their thorough respect for natural materials.

THE HOOK is the result of this symbiosis of the actual production process and refined end product, featured here in a crisp white or nude unglazed porcelain tone.Singlets, tees, briefs shall now elegantly sway from this dexterously crafted and easily wall-fitted hook.The collaboration results in a contrasted visual encounter between THE HOOK, bearing the markings of its conceptual production process and THE WHITE BRIEFS sleek cottons, delicately complimenting and enhancing one another timelessly.

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