Gustaf Nordenskiöld in the studio

In the studio. Photo: Jesper Brandt


Gustaf Nordenskiöld’s work revolves around the memories of objects and time. Sculptures that reflects an exploration of unknown places and cultures coupled with interpretations of the contemporary we live in. Ambiguous objects that are easily identified and mysterious at the same time, a work that activates memories and reminiscent of the body. Nordenskiölds works are rooted in real objects, but often the actual area of use is transformed. His works are in the space between recognition, ambiguity, figuration and abstraction.
There is a physical presence through method, a primitive and sophisticated power transmission to the material, where traces of the process is important in the finished objects. To preserve and display an action, a time. To freeze a moment for posterity as a memory of its creation.

Gustaf Nordenskiöld is working as an artist and designer. He has been recognized with numerous exhibitions both in Sweden and abroad.
Nordenskiöld is represented at Nationalmuseum, Röhsska Museum, the Malmo Art Museum, ASU Art Museum in the United States and Magnelli, Musee de la Ceramique in Vallauris, France.

Gustaf Nordenskiöld is working with Andys gallery in Stockholm and is represented by Galerie NeC in France.