Quake mug for Design House Stockholm. Casted in porcelain 2011.


Quake (unique), in porcelain and earthenware, photo: Karin Björkqvist. 2009


Quake is based on a mug of thin clay, shaken to randomly form its own unique shape. A combination of craft and random impact, creating a natural shape that cannot be made in any other way. The shape makes the user aware of his or her actions; how to hold the mug, how to drink? These are central themes in my work; the forces of nature and chance, and the interface between man and object. Quake also clarifies the clay as a material, by showing its formability in its non-burnt state. It is like a small, useful sculpture, with a variation in its form that doesn’t tire the hand or the eye.

Quake-mug _MG_1562